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Aquazon and Swimming Pools

In the aqua zone of the HEALTH CLUB & SPA GRAND PRIX complex you can take advantage of a wide range of programs that will remove the stress accumulated during the day, improve blood circulation; help to get rid of depression, insomnia and excess weight. Exercises in the pool involve all muscle groups and the water resistance gives as much training load as fitness.

The area of the aqua zone is about 500 sq. m. In the pool, which depth is 1.8 m and the length is 25 m, there are four lanes, a wave generator that creates the effect of sea waves, imitated hydro-massage waterfalls. Cleanliness and hygienic safety of water in the pool is guaranteed by a modern multistage ozone system. There are useful loungers on the territory of the aqua zone for a comfortable rest of our guests.

Aqua aerobics allows increasing the positive effect of water on the body. It is suitable for all ages and weight categories. You can use any kind of water aerobics:

AQUA START. Introduction to aqua aerobics. Mastering the aquatic environment using basic movements in simple combinations. Low intensity load. This aqua level is recommended for beginners and any level of training.

AQUA NOODLES.For the average level of training. The combination of classic aqua aerobics and Noodles equipment which is a flexible stick that helps to stay on water. Training for the development of aerobic endurance, flexibility, coordination. AQUA ABS. Strength class for training all abdominal muscles: straight, oblique and stretching exercises.

SWIMMING.Aerobic class. The lesson focuses on the development of respiratory and cardiovascular systems, the load on the main muscle groups and development of coordination. The program is suitable for those who can swim using at least one of the main ways of swimming. With the help of special exercises the coach will correct mistakes in the technique of swimming and help to master all swimming styles.

AQUA ABS. The strength class. The lesson is aimed at working out the muscles of the abdominal press. The load is of medium and above average intensity.

AQUA ENERGY. Aerobic class. A lesson for prepared admirers of aqua aerobics is aimed at the development of respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Various elements of aqua aerobics and elements of swimming are used in choreographic combinations at the lesson,. The load is of medium and above average intensity.