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Visiting rules Aqua zone

  1. Use shower before going to the pool.
  2. The swimming area is limited during group sessions in the pool.
  3. Classes in the pool may be limited due to the necessity of preventive maintenance.
  4. Always wear swimming caps while swimming in the pool.
  5. It is not allowed to walk and run along the edge of the pool.
  6. Be careful when using any equipment in water so that not to harm others.
  7. You may have personal trainings in the pool with the coach. Personal training allows you to achieve the maximum result and satisfaction from the lessons.
  8. Please observe the public order, do not disturb other visitors, commit no nuisance, clean up your equipment and towels.
  9. Food and drinks are not allowed in the pool.
  10. The trainer has the right to prevent the client from taking part in a group lesson on aqua aerobics if it does not correspond to his or her level of training.
  11. The rules for the use of special equipment are explained by the coach.
  12. Do not leave your valuables unattended.