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Boutique hotel

Boutique hotel

For guests wishing to undergo a course of recovery according to the Detox program, there is Boutique Hotel in HEALTH CLUB & SPA GRAND PRIX. There are rooms of standard and premium class with maximum comfort and convenience. Comfortable conditions, modern equipment and the best specialists of HEALTH CLUB & SPA GRAND PRIX will make your stay in the complex unforgettable and will help to strengthen health, prolong active ageing and juvenescence, and experience the true pleasure of a saturated rest and relaxation.

We will surround you with care and attention; give happy moments and peaceful rest, aimed at cleansing and improving of your organism!

Detox-program is aimed at restoring the purity of your body, removing toxins at the intercellular level, improving your health. The complex approach includes halotherapy, herbal medicine, balneotherapy, massages, thermotherapy, acupuncture, wraps, sports, a special diet and much more. As a result, you will get rid of the accumulated toxins, allergies, chronic diseases, extra weight, digestive problems, the complexion and emotional state will improve, immunity will be strengthened and work efficiency will increase.

Specialists of our complex will develop a course of procedures taking into account the peculiarities of your body. Our task is to care for your general condition and health!