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Fitness area

Fitness club

In the fitness area of our complex everyone will find something to their liking. In the stylish design of the territory of active sports, the colors and lighting have been carefully chosen, a special floor covering has been used, the halls are designed taking into account the characteristics of each sport and occupation. Thus, the atmosphere in the halls will stimulate you to active and constant training.

Our professional coaches are ready to offer you about 20 kinds of group programs and develop a personal training and nutrition course.

Everyone who enters our club first of all takes a fitness test in the office of a sports doctor who determines the state of health and the level of preparedness and gives his recommendations for training. Also, on a high-precision Tanita scales, the physician measures body composition and gives recommendations on how to optimize it.

The fitness area is divided into halls:


Gym, the area of which is 350 square meters, is equipped with the most modern equipment and simulators for different muscle groups from the world's leading manufacturers Precor, Hoist, Foreman. The advantages of this equipment are ergonomic design, reliability, ease of use, multi-functionality. You will be able to transform your body as much as possible using effective methods and individual programs that professional instructors and trainers will offer. They will develop an effective exercise program for weight loss or weight gain through muscle growth. The area of the gym is divided into three zones:

  1. A zone of free weights, a dumbbell row and benches for exercises with dumbbells and a bar are represented by Foreman. Foremansimulatorsare convenient, reliable and practical equipment.
  2. The zone of block simulators is represented by thirty machines of the American brandHoist, which adjust to the features of the structure of your body, have the ideal biomechanics of motion, relieve the load from the musculoskeletal system and act on the muscles at the optimal angle, reducing the risk of injury.
  3. Cardiozona. Racetracks, steppers, elliptical, rowing machines of Precor are at your services. Cardiozone is equipped with the latest cardiovascular devices with personal monitors and cable TV and the ability to connect iPhone.

The advantage of our gym is a multi-station for functional training and popularCrossfit classes all over the world.

You can work out in the gym either independently or individually with a coach from the professional team of HEALTH CLUB & SPA GRAND PRIX instructors.


The martial arts hall hosts boxing, wrestling and Thai boxing. Also you may have individual training during the day in all these areas. The hall is fitted up with all necessary equipment for martial arts.


In Cycle Hall there are high-intensity lessons on stationary bicycles. This is emotional interval training for burning, development of endurance, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.


Aerobics hall hosts classes for all dance activities such as Zumba, Latino, Belly Dance, Lady Dance, as well as power and classical aerobics: step, power classes for strengthening the muscles of the back, legs and upper body, and Mind body training - yoga, Stretch, bodyflex and pilates. SILLA, FT, Fight are highly effective programs