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Belly Dance

Classes with oriental dances

Belly dance: thesecret of femininity and the way of maintaining the form.

Do you want to learndancing oriental dances? Visit the first training session at Grand Prix Beautyand Health Club. Already from the first classes, you will understand that thisdirection helps develop femininity, teaches to own your body, and at the sametime transforms the curves of your figure. This is a great solution for thosewho want to replace debilitating and boring exercises in gym with a pleasantand useful dance.


Features of the direction

Belly Dance (orientaldances) will reveal your own talents and improve your choreographic skills.Together with the elaboration of smooth movements, stretching and flexibility,you can get rid of excessive weight in classes, cheer up and revive yourself!

For a woman, bellydancing is a great opportunity to improve not only the appearance, but also theinternal qualities. Together with the smooth movements in the rhythm oforiental music, the dancers master ancient knowledge of male hearts conquest.

In order to masterthis direction, you do not need to have any special skills. Any woman can learnoriental dance.

In addition, BellyDance:

Is suitable for womenof any constitution. Slim beauties and women with ample curves look harmoniouslyin the dance.

You can startindividual belly dancing classes at any age. In this fitness area, there are norestrictions.

Improves well-being,endurance and gives cheerfulness and good mood.

Promotes performanceincoordination.

Strengthens blood circulation in allvital organs. They are especially indicated for women with reproductive andgastrointestinal problems.

Improves metabolism, which isbeneficial not only for the skin color, but also for the growth of hair and nails.

Promotes correction of posture,strengthening of back muscles. Increases flexibility and elasticity of thejoints, strengthens the cardiovascular system.

There are much positiveproperties of smooth movements of the belly, but are there any shortcomings? Ifyou do not have contraindications to sports training in general, then therewill be no problems with this direction. Under the guidance of an experiencedmentor, Belly Dance will bring only positive emotions and results. In Astana, GrandPrix health and beauty club offers to register for a lesson to a practicingcoach. You can get more information about prices, training schedule and answersto other questions by the phone or online mode.

Time of session: 55 min.