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Fighting Section


Wrestling classes isthe place of realization of your physical potential. Here, they will teach notonly to own your body, effective methods of self-defense, but will also instilllove for a healthy lifestyle, will help to develop discipline and self-control.

Features of thedirection

To date, there aremany fascinating types of martial arts. One of the most popular is wrestlingtraining. The reason for its relevance is in mass of benefits:

The trainings improvethe shape and "draw" the relief;

The trainings contributeto the rapid disposal of excessive kilograms;

The trainings give agood basis for self-defense in real life;

The trainings have abeneficial effect on body health.

The wrestling inAstana is available for everyone. Grand Prix has all necessary conditions forrealizing your potential.

A complexaerobic-anaerobic load, which increases physical endurance, dexterity,represents wrestling trainings, trick and the work of the lungs and cardiovascularsystem are activated. 


Why is it so useful?

Classes of free-stylewrestling will allow breathing a new life into everyday life, and aprofessional coach will make every effort to ensure that your lessons andsparring are as effective as possible.

Freestyle wrestling inAstana is indicated to everyone who wants to have a healthy, strong, tight andhardy body, as well as a steel character. It perfectly hardens the body,beneficially affects the functioning of all systems and promotes rapid andeffective weight loss. Even girls are fond of this kind of martial arts,although it is widely accepted that this is purely a men's sport.


Contraindications inthis direction include only serious diseases of the spine and cardiovascularsystem. However, any way, before starting workouts, we recommend consultingwith our sports doctor. Free-style wrestling classes will help to learn how toproperly fall and effectively defend in any life situation, strengthen allmuscle groups, posture and body as a whole.


Types of wrestlingclasses

MMA - Refers to thestyle of martial arts, adequately reproducing hand-to-hand fighting withelements of wrestling.

Time of session: 55min.

FIGHT – It is a training,developed based on the most effective techniques of a number of martial arts:karate, kickboxing, Thai chi and taekwondo. During training, all muscle groupsare strengthened, the cardiovascular system is intensively trained, balance,posture, speed-strength indicators and flexibility are improved. FIGHT helps toget rid of excessive weight in a record short time.

Time of session: 55min.