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Boxing training

All trainings are conducted under the guidance of one of the instructors of HEALTH CLUB & SPA GRAND PRIX professional team. You can clarify by phone the cost of training with a coach in gym and the price of subscription. Our center has unique conditions for working on ourselves.

Training in boxing: a direction for confident, strong and courageous people.

Grand Prix health and beauty club offers to enroll for boxing in Astana. This is an effective training for beginners, as well as for athletes with experience. In a specially equipped gym, we will develop for you an individual program and offer classes with the coach. Please contact our consultants in telephone or online mode to know the cost and frequency of training.

Benefits for You

Training in boxing is a way to strengthen health, learn body checks and increase muscle mass. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, you can learn martial techniques, as well as improve body reliefs.

What muscles to develop?

Despite the general misconception, boxing is not an easy sport. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is necessary to strive for maximum efficiency to achieve the result. You do not need to content with surface achievements. This sport develops muscles and trains the endurance of cardiovascular system. With its help, you can develop strength, speed, reaction and precise coordination of movements.

In order to get immediate results, we recommend you to enroll for boxing with a professional coach. In addition, you should begin to combine basic exercises with power loads to work out different muscle groups:

The lower body is responsible for the balance, strength and correct movements of the body;

The upper body coordinates such aspects as accuracy, leanings, defense and attack.

Depending on strengths and weaknesses of a particular athlete, an individual training program is prepared at boxing. Already at the first lesson our coaches will determine the most effective scheme of exercises, they will tell you how and what muscles need to be "pimped" to reach your goals faster.

Time of session: 55 min.

Our specialists will tell about prices and timetable, they will help to choose the most suitable food and answer other interesting questions.