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Types of trainings

Fitness for pregnant women


Training time: 55 мин.

Group exercise using a bar with adjustable weight to energetic music. Training strengthens ligaments and joints, improves muscle strength and relief without excessive muscle growth in volume. SILLA is the shortest way to a good shape.


Training time: 55 мин.

Training, developed on the basis of the most effective techniques of a number of martial arts such as karate, kickboxing, tai chi and taekwondo. During the training, all muscle groups are strengthened, the cardiovascular system is intensively trained, balance, posture, speed-strength indicators and flexibility are improved. FIGHT helps to get rid of excess weight in a record short time.


Training time: 55 мин.

It is distinguished by a powerful drive and is carried out on specialized exercise bikes that allow the training participants to simulate cross-country races, alternate speed and power blocks.

FT (Functional training)

Training time: 55 мин.

One of the most energy intensive trainings that develops all the basic motor qualities of a person. A unique system of training using a variety of equipment: platforms, spheres and hemispheres, rubber expanders and free weights. Promotes development of all basic motor qualities of a person and increases muscular and aerobic endurance.


Training time: 55 мин.

Training on special hemisphere platforms. A unique functional training, developing balance and coordination, is combined with strength exercises.


Training time: 55 мин.

The training is of martial arts style, adequately reproducing hand-to-hand combat with elements of struggle.


Training time: 55 мин.

Boxing lessons for beginners - this lesson will help all newcomers who want to learn boxing. In the trainings, those engaged are learning a boxing stance, practice the techniques of strikes for a considerable part of the time.


Training time: 55 мин.

Kickboxing lessons for beginners. During the lessons, most part of the time those who are engaged practice the techniques of kicking with hands and feet using equipment, as well as paying attention to physical training.


Training time: 55 мин.

Class with elements of oriental dances. Classes allow you to feel your body, enjoy the rhythms of beautiful music, and also improve flexibility and natural body mobility.


Training time: 45 мин.

Power lesson for training the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdominals.


Training time: 90 мин.

A complex of power asanas-yoga positions that are performed at a certain pace, aimed at maintaining muscle tone and increasing the flexibility of your body.


Training time: 45 мин.

A special program composed of exercises used in aerobics, power and functional training.

The goal of the lesson is to maintain the physical form, relax and strengthen of the muscles, which are mainly loaded: the muscles of the back and waist, lower abdominal muscles, pelvis, chest, improving the functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and preparing for childbirth.

The classes will prepare and facilitate delivery, accelerate the recovery of muscles after pregnancy, relieve stress, improve mood.


Training time: 45 мин.

Class using stretching and relaxation exercises, improving flexibility and facilitating faster recovery after power classes.


Training time: 55 мин.

The first part of the lesson is strength training of abdominal muscles, the second part is stretching and relaxation exercises.


Training time: 50 мин.

Water program. A lesson for a high level training. Training with the use of power equipment for the development of muscle strength.


Training time: 50 мин.

Water program. Effective training for respiratory and cardiovascular systems of your body.


Training time: 50 мин.

Water program. This is an effective training for respiratory and cardiovascular systems of your body, which develops all the basic motor qualities of a person. Promotes the development of all basic functional and power capabilities, improves muscular and aerobic endurance.

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