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Visiting rules

Rules for visiting the fitness area


  • Attend trainings appropriate to your level of preparedness. The instructor has the right to prevent you from taking classes to avoid injuries.
  • Being late for the lesson for more than 15 minutes is dangerous for your health. The instructor has the right to prevent you from taking classes to avoid injuries.
  • Training in street shoes is prohibited; choose shoes that leave no black marks. The instructor has the right to prevent you from taking classes without sports shoes, and in shoes that do not match the style of the lesson in order to avoid injuries.
  • Turn off mobile phones in the group program rooms.
  • The administration reserves the right to change the instructor stated in the schedule and make changes to the group training schedule
  • Please, keep your talks to the minimum.
  • The use of chewing gum during classes is prohibited.
  • Entry to the gym is allowed only after the end of the previous group and (or) at the invitation of the coach.
  • The introductory briefing is recommended to avoid injury.
  • In case of contraindications or diseases, it is necessary to warn the instructor about this BEFORE the beginning of the training.
  • The coach explains the rules for using special equipment. It is not allowed to use your own exercises, choreography and equipment without an appropriate coach instruction.
  • After finishing the workout, you must put the equipment you used in specially designated places.
  • It is forbidden to take equipment out of the classrooms.
  • Keep your personal hygiene. Please, do not use strong perfume.


  • Be careful, observe the safety precautions and the rules for simulators’ operation
  • You can start training in the gym only after acquaintance with these safety rules.
  • To avoid accidents, the presence of children under 16 in the gym is prohibited.
  • Classes in the gym are allowed only in clean athletic shoes, it is recommended to use comfortable closed shoes with rubber and non-slip soles. It is forbidden to use shoes with high heels, leather soles, spikes, training barefoot or in open shoes. You must have a towel.
  • It is recommended to remove items that can be dangerous during training in the gym (watches, hanging earrings, etc.), remove stitching and other foreign items from the pockets.
  • Before starting the training on the simulator under the guidance of the gym trainer, it is necessary to check the operable condition, demonstrated reliability of the installation and the attachment of the simulator.
  • Use safety locks when doing bar exercises. Performance of basic exercises (bench press, sit-ups with a bar) must be done with insurance from the partner or instructor of the gym.
  • You should handle extremely carefully with weights, barbells, dumbbells,. All exercises should be performed smoothly, without jerking.
  • Do not work on defective simulators. In case of detection of malfunctions (cable tear, mechanical damage, etc.), it is necessary to inform the instructor of the gym about this.
  • When performing basic exercises (deadlift, squats, etc.), you must use an athletic belt.
  • After performing the exercises, the trainee is obligated to remove the sports equipment he uses (pancakes, dumbbells, barbells, equipment, etc.) in specially designated places.
  • It is forbidden to start trainings in case of the injuries received and general uneasiness. If you feel unwell during training, you must stop the training and inform the trainer of the gym.
  • Do not touch moving parts of block devices.
  • Exercises with free weights must be performed at a distance of at least 1.5-2 meters from the glass and mirrors.
  • When exercising in the gym, don’t use the chewing gum - this is dangerous for your health.

  • Refuse to visit the gym with infectious, acute respiratory and skin diseases - this is dangerous for your health and for the health of people around you.
  • When exercising on simulators and with free weight Visitors should put the weight and do a number of set that correspond to their functional capabilities.
  • Visitors are not allowed to use their own musical equipment.
  • It is forbidden to bring bags, valuables, the Club does not bear responsibility for their safety.
  • Ensure that long and loose parts of clothing, laces, towels do not reach the moving parts of the simulators.
  • It is not allowed to practice in the gym with a bare chest.
  • At the beginning of the workout on the racetrack, it is necessary to stand on the supports at the edges of the driving belt, set the minimum speed and begin training after the tape has started to move. You cannot leave the machine until the tape stops.
  • Taking and storing of food in areas intended for training is prohibited.
  • In case of damage or deterioration of sports equipment, it is necessary to stop training and inform the trainer of the gym. Trainings can be continued only after the elimination of malfunctions or replacement of sports equipment (inventory).

martial arts hall VISITING RULES

  • The martial arts hall is provided for both training with an instructor and for group classes.
  • Martial arts lessons and training are recommended only after passing medical examination.
  • After the end of the classes (personal training, group training), please, leave the hall in a timely manner, return the sports equipment to a specially designated place.