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Functional training

Functional training

Functional training

If you are looking for universal sports activities, functional training in HEALTH CLUB & SPA GRAND PRIX complex is exactly what you need. These workouts are aimed at maintaining the tonus and strengthening the muscle groups that are used every day. The specially selected program of our center allows quickly achieving the optimal physical shape and supporting it regardless of the kind of everyday activities, nutrition, etc. Professional coaches will value your level of physical training, determine to the group, advise the best exercises.

For whom it will be an ideal solution?

Functional training is an important step towards personal improvement. Such a functional training is suitable for people of any age and physical form. In our club, you receive an individual approach and a guarantee of result. We will select training for everyone.

However, this kind of sports activities has a number of serious contraindications. Among them:


Cardiovascular diseases;

Problems with the spine;

Hypertensive diseases.

In other cases, if you are interested in quality fitness, functional training, which is useful for daily life, will be an ideal option. You can order a service right now. Just call us or visit the office.

What can be powered up?

One of the important features of such training is its positive influence on all existing categories of muscles. Such functional workouts develop:

This is the universality of these activities. Our programs are designed taking into account the needs of the modern target audience. After the exercises, you will be in tonus every day.

What result will be achieved?

The result of such training will be an excellent physical form. You will get rid of a number of serious problems: periodic pain in muscles and joints, general body fatigue, lack of dynamics and endurance. We train with the use of modern implements under the supervision of experts in the field of sports. Professional coaches select exercises according to your level of physical form for each lesson. Thanks to this approach, we can guarantee a qualitative result.

Time of session: 55 min.