Kickboxing Section

Kickboxing class

Fans of martial arts are ideally suited to kickboxing class, which is in fitness zone of HEALTH CLUB & SPA GRAND PRIX. This sport is suitable for both men and women. In our club, there are groups for beginners and experienced wrestlers. Training takes place under the guidance of professionals. Kickboxing workouts contribute to strengthening all muscle groups and mind strength. Being engaged in this sport, you will always be in good shape. You can sign up for the training by the phone or in our office.

Train your body and spirit

Kickboxing in Astana is very popular. It allows you to combine sufficient physical exercises for muscle growth with a comprehensive study of this kind of martial arts. This type of fitness training includes elements of classic boxing from England and traditional karate. Within the frame of the program, you will also be able to study and refine the techniques of Taekwondo and Thai boxing.

You can order kickboxing training for beginners or professional fighters in our club. The guest gets the opportunity to undergo training under the supervision of a leading expert, using modern equipment.

Sport that is suitable for everyone

Kickboxing has a number of advantages in comparison with other martial arts. The most important of them is universality - everyone can do it. Our class of kickboxing for adults is ready to accept people of any age and sex.

Classes are available in general class or at the individual level. It is an excellent solution for those who want to reach a serious level or prepare for an important battle.

Basic nuances

Kickboxing workouts are quite traumatic. Special means of protection are necessary. You should also make sure that you do not have the following contraindications for this kind of sport:

Diseases of the joints and spine;

Problems with the lumbar department;

Cardiovascular diseases;

Acute infections and attack of chronic troubles (at the time of recording).

Be sure to visit a specialized expert. If you are already convinced of the absence of contraindications, we are waiting for you in our kickboxing class. You can ask additional questions by the phone.

Present a beautiful body to yourself.

Such workouts are an excellent way to strengthen all muscle groups. Constant loads, the level of which is controlled by the coach, allows keeping the body in good shape. The muscles of breast, arms, back, abdomen, and legs are strengthened. Simultaneously with the growth of muscle mass, the internal organs get a health improvement, namely:

Circulatory system and heart;

Respiratory apparatus;

Musculoskeletal system.

Visiting kickboxing class will allow working out a variety of techniques useful in extreme situations. Sign up for the first kickboxing training right now. There are special conditions for club members.