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Latino workouts

Many people feel tired after doing fitness or exercising. Latino training in Astana, on the contrary, will give you lightness and a burst of energy. It is a special sporting trend, which can not only lead you into a good shape, but also teach foot-tapping movements in the rhythm of Latin American music.

Benefits for body and soul

Why is it worth going in for Latino in Astana? There are quite a few answers to this question. The main thing is that this area provides you with new opportunities:

It develops flexibility and coordination of movements;

It improves posture;

It gives confidence in oneself;

It forms beautiful shapes;

During one training, you can burn up to 800 calories.

In addition, you can get acquainted with an extraordinary culture and learn many foot-tapping movements.

Latin American motifs are popular all over the world, and foot-tapping dances in this style have conquered many hearts. Salsa, bachata, and rumba - all these directions will allow to master classes in Latino style. They have a special energy. This direction is characterized by irresistible passion and impulsiveness. Each training will charge you with a positive and give you confidence.

How do these exercises look? As in other areas, it starts with a warm-up. It is necessary to warm up the muscles to avoid injuries and strains. It can be rotations, slopes, etc. During the main part, the various ligaments are learned, repeated and fixed. Cool down exercises end the training. This is the stage of introducing the body into a calm state with the help of static exercises, stretching or dancing elements in a slow rhythm.

Feature of trainings in Latino style:

The main load is on the shoulders, lower back and legs;

Fixed position of the back;

Springing step;

Due to proportional load, there is an absence of severe fatigue after training.

Such trainings will help not only to acquire dance skills, but also to lose weight well, to power up the hips and buttocks.

To whom Latino is suitable?

Latino classes have no age restrictions. They are suitable for energetic and positive people who seek to bring new colors to their lives.

Trainings beneficially affect the health of the body; strengthen the respiratory and cardiac system well enough. However, there are a number of contraindications. These are problems with the musculoskeletal apparatus, hypertension or serious pathologies.