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Power training

Strength Fitness for Women

Power fitness for women

Perhaps, every womandreams of a slender, trim and proportionate figure and power fitness will helpher in it. Sometimes we make many efforts in the form of special food, running,cardio loads, but we do not have the desired result. Of course, we lose weight,and the body volumes are decreased, but we cannot achieve the elasticity andthe roundness. Do not be in despair, anomalous loads will come to the aid, theywill help to reach the ideal shape and relief.

Present a beautiful body toyourself.

Many women are wary ofworking with "a piece of iron", afraid to turn into a "pile ofmuscles." However, this is just a myth. The power fitness program isdesigned in a way to reduce and increase the volumes in the right places. Suchtraining will help to quickly adjust the proportions and achieve the desiredresult. For example, if a girl has broad shoulders, but thin legs, then themain emphasis should be placed on "pumping" the lower part of thebody. It is much more difficult to change the figure features with the help ofregular aerobics or lessons on the treadmill.


Power fitness training has many advantages:

Ability to tap into all muscles;

Load distribution control;

Effective burning of calories,which lasts until 12 hours after the end of training;

Improvement of metabolism;

Strengthening of immunity.


Power fitness forwomen allows not only to lose weight and get rid of saggy skin, but also to buildmuscle mass. This means that the posture, endurance and physical stamina of thewhole body will improve.

Main directions

The types of powerfitness are quite diverse. They can be single or group, multipurpose ornarrowly focused. The latter also has its own subspecies depending on the studiedmuscle group:

LowerBody – it is aset of exercises for the muscles of thighs, buttocks and press, is effectivefor overall weight loss;

ABS + stretch – the classesare designed to strengthen press and stretching;

Silla – it is a powertraining in fitness room using a barbell and adjustable weight.


Each of presented classes’types will allow acquiring the desired shape in a short time, improving yourhealth and fitness level.

Who fits, and who doesfit?

Of course, everyperson wants to maintain an excellent shape and good health throughout hislife. Power directions of fitness will help in this matter. Therefore, you canstrengthen the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system, get rid of excessiveweight, which leads to pressure jumps with aging and can even cause diabetes.


Power training in fitnessclub is best for the younger generation and middle-aged people. After 60 years,it is better to abandon such intensive loads. In addition to age, there are anumber of other restrictions:

Spinal disc herniation;

Chronic heart, liver or kidneydisease;


Stomach ulcer;



If there are certain doubts, itis better to consult a doctor in advance; otherwise, power training will domore harm than benefit.

Types of power trainings

LB – it is a power lesson fortraining muscles of legs, buttocks and abdominals.

Time of session: 45 minutes.

ABS + STRETCH - The first part ofthe lesson is power training of abdominal muscles, the second is stretching andrelaxation exercises.

Time of session: 55 min.

SILLA – it is a grouplesson using a barbell with adjustable weight to foot tapping, energetic music.The training strengthens ligaments and joints, improves muscle strength andrelief without excessive muscle growth in volume. SILLA is the shortest way to agood form.

Time of session: 55min.

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