Gym in Astana

Gym in Astana

Incorrect workloads on the human body, and even its absence, lead to malfunctions in the work of different systems. In order to restore "settings", you have to perform various sports exercises regularly. Visiting gym in Astana, you can:

Achieve full restoration of working capacity;

Correct your figure;

Build muscle mass;

Improve the overall condition.

Regular classes in gym will certainly have a positive effect on the quality of life.

It is a place for persistent and self-confident people.

The total area of our fitness club gym is 350 square meters, which allowed us to divide it into several zones, where you can concentrate on development of a specific muscle group.

Cardio zone

Cardio zone are simulators for those who want to improve their health. Here the first lessons of beginners are held. It is a preparatory stage, a kind of "charger" for the body, which is not accustomed to regular loads. At the services of athletes are:

Precor treadmills;


elliptical and stationary rowers.

Thanks to the newest cardiovascular devices, constant monitoring of cardiovascular system is carried out, which allows adjusting the load. The ability to connect iPhone and watching cable TV makes these activities even more attractive for those who feel difficulty in lifestyle changing.

Hall of free weights

A zone of free weights for those who came for muscle mass, trying to make body an object of admiration. More often, this site is considered a place of employment in gym for men. Nevertheless, there are also many treadmills for girls.

We have installed reliable and convenient equipment of Foreman company, which allows to perform exercises with dumbbells and barbells.

Block simulators zone

Block simulators zone is equipped with mechanisms that give the opportunity to engage in both experienced bodybuilders and beginners. Simplicity of use also attracts here girls who want to get a beautiful body. The movements on Hoist machines are elegant and graceful, and the effect is impressive.

Choosing the correct training mode and zone for their conduct, you can achieve excellent results.

Crossfit zone

Our gym’s attraction is a multi-station for functional training and popular Crossfit classes all over the world.

Operating and maintenance conditions

Our gym is also suitable for Crossfit classes. With the help of multi-station for functional training visitors can harmoniously develop the basic motor qualities, correct the figure and posture, improve the muscular apparatus.

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