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Cycling Cycle

Cicle Training

Cycling: effectivegroup training

Do you want to getyour body in shape in shortest possible time? Are you looking for aninteresting alternative to standard group aerobics and fitness classes? Anexcellent solution to these issues will be one of the newest types of aerobicexercise. It is a cycling training. The lesson is a group training, which isconducted on special exercise bikes in a gym. Cycle allows you to simulate abike ride on a flat road, a terrain and even a vertical wall.

This training isfundamentally different from riding a traditional exercise bike due to theability to adjust the load. By changing the speed of pedals’ rotation, changingthe body position, the level of resistance, it is possible to conducthigh-intensity interval training. Thus, cycle classes can be called one of themost effective ways to get rid of excessive weight and develop a core.

Fitness on specialexercise bikes is suitable for men and women of different ages, who want todevelop a core, pull up a figure and get rid of excessive weight in theshortest possible time. The special design of the equipment allows choosing theload in accordance with your individual level of development and capabilities.

At the first trainings,you will be taught to control the correct position of the body, regulatebreathing, which will bring a cardiovascular system into tonus and start fatburning processes. With increasing loads, endurance will be developing, and thealternation of force and cardio loads will lead to maximum effect.

Advantages of trainingon CYCLE exercise bikes

During the cycletraining, your body's movements do not stop even for a minute. Experiencedcoaches are sure that due to effectiveness and speed of achievement suchtraining cannot be compared with conventional aerobics and other fitness types.Dynamic training on bikes will achieve the following results:

To bring the body inperfect shape;

To improve blood circulation;

To tighten the core;

To get rid of cellulite;

To develop respiratory system, toincrease the lungs volume;

To train endurance;

To get useful dose of endorphins(hormone of joy), to improve not only the physical but also the emotionalstate.


Please note that intensive cycletrainings are not recommended for people with high blood pressure, problemswith the cardiovascular system, varicosity and joint diseases.

Cycle studio in Astana

You can find thelocation of Health Club & Spa Grand Prix on Astana map in "Contacts"section. The training time on cycle is 55 minutes.