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Yoga (Mind body)

Yoga classes

Fitness Yoga: theability to restore balance between body and mind

Do you want to combinephysical development of the body and spiritual perfection? On order to solvethis issue, yoga classes are the best. Such trainings are a complex of specialasanas aimed at increasing body flexibility, strengthening the core throughmeditative techniques.

Effective sets ofexercises will help to relax and further explore the possibilities of your ownbody, get rid of psycho-emotional stress. The main advantage of such trainingsis their universality. People can begin to study with any level of initialphysical training. In fitness direction, yoga involves a slow pace and a smoothnature of asanas, this minimizes the possibility of trauma.

Features of training

Programs from Mindbody category are a unique combination of fitness and yoga. This training iscalm and harmonious, which allows smoothly strengthen and stabilize the deepestlayers of muscles. The beginning of yoga training involves workout and warmingup the muscles, which softly turns into performing exercises for balance andstretching development. During the execution of each asana, it is necessary tomonitor the correctness of breathing technique and body position. The trainingends with a relaxing meditation. This yoga helps to restore spiritual strengthand emotional balance, better learn your body and learn how to manage itscapabilities, and significantly improve muscle tonus.

Benefits of yogatraining under the guidance of a coach

If you want theexercises to produce the desired result, it is important to perform them ascorrectly as possible under the guidance of an experienced specialist. GrandPrix Health Club & Spa in Astana invites everyone to register for yoga withprofessional coaches. With their help, you can certainly:

Develop the flexibility of thejoints and spine;

Reduce back pain;

Master the correct breathingtechniques;

Bring the muscles into tonus;

Get rid of excessive centimetersof subcutaneous fat;

Find a balance between spiritualand physical perfection.

Are you ready to sign up for yogaor do you want to know the price of a comprehensive visit to our studio? Ordera club card on the site right now or call our managers to clarify the interesteddetails.

Time of session: 90 min.