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Roman steam room

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In Roman steam room temperature (40-45 degrees) and humidity (95-100%) is higher, therefore, it is recommended to drink a glass of water 30 minutes prior the visit. Steam room is a tiled with mosaic room with heated floors and seating. The room is filled with thick steam, it envelops the body and it does not burn, but warms up the body. The Roman bath is equipped with an air shower system which can be used by pressing a button.

Roman baths have a good effect on cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine systems, the skin acquires a healthy matte color, becomes velvety to the touch, the working efficiency of the whole organism is restored. The average duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes. After the steam room a half hour rest is recommended, during which the guests will be offered herbal teas.


Temperature 40-45 °C. Humidity 95-100%

  1. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes prior the session
  2. Take a shower
  3. Wipe dry
  4. The session duration is 10-15 minutes.
  5. Take a shower
  6. Relax and drink herbal tea

Contraindications: fever, diabetes, epilepsy, malignant tumors, bronchial asthma, pregnancy, a tendency to bleeding and thrombosis, acute exacerbation of chronic diseases of any organs and body systems, pronounced arteriosclerosis of the vessels.