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Bath with a bucket-waterfall with cold water

«BUCKET WATERFALL» a contrasting dousing with cold water after taking thermal treatments in baths and saunas, has a wonderful quenching effect. Pouring cold water after a hot steam is considered a bath tradition. The best and easiest way to pour you with water from the top of the head to the heel is a bucket or bucket-waterfall.

Sharp cooling of the human skin "involves" the mechanisms of thermoregulation of the body and speeds up the process of metabolism: there is an outflow of blood from the skin to internal organs, the heat balance is restored. Then the capillaries expand again and fill with blood. The skin warms up and there is a feeling of pleasant warmth.

This method is also called gymnastics for blood vessels. Regular dousing increases immunity, improves skin color. In addition, dousing with cold water is well suited to women after childbirth and weight loss, as it acts as a good firming and skin tightening cream.

Advice: do not pour you with cold water just after the steam room. Give the body a short rest and the opportunity to avoid the shock of sudden changes in temperature. It is also not recommended to pour water on your head, do it with care so that to prevent it from excessive hypothermia. Specialists do not advise to carry out this procedure for those who want to lose weight: the pores of the skin are closed from cold water and the process of sweating, which helps to remove excess kilos, ceases immediately.