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Russian bath house or “banya” (temperature - 50-70 degrees, humidity - 30-60%) is an ancient tradition of the Slavs that dated back to centuries ago. There are many beliefs, customs and even comic advice connected with the bathhouse, many proverbs and sayings have been invented, tractates have been devoted. So, very often you can hear the old folk wisdom: "Aromatic steam heals not only the body, but also the soul." A Russian banya, which traditionally uses whisks or brooms, has its own special healing properties. Each whisk has its own effect on the body. For example, birch whisk helps for colds; oak - for pain in muscles and joints; Eucalyptus whisk is helps for radiculitis, bruises, sprains, runny nose and sore throat; lime whisk calms and has antipyretic effect, stimulates the work of the kidneys.

Not everyone knows that a whisk can massage the body differently: lash, whip slightly from time to time, stroke and rub. All kinds of bath massage can be tested in our bath complex, and experienced steam room attendants will help to choose the right whisk, tell about all the nuances and charms of steaming procedures in the Russian “banya”. Such procedures are useful to disperse blood and stretch muscles especially for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Steaming in the Russian bath increases the release of carbon dioxide, promotes the expansion of blood vessels, increases the frequency of cardiac contractions, significantly increases resistance to colds, has a positive effect on the central nervous system, restores physical strength, relieves nervous and emotional tension.


Temperature 50-70°C. Humidity 30-60%

  1. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes prior the procedure
  2. Take a warm shower
  3. The effect will be intensified with the whisk massage
  4. The duration of the session is up to 15 minutes.
  5. Take a quick shower at room temperature
  6. Relax and have a cup of tea

Contraindications: colds, fever, acute exacerbations of chronic diseases, malignant tumors or metastases of any localization, thrombophlebitis, severe vegetative disorders.