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Moroccan bath

Moroccan bath

The Moroccan bath (temperature of 35-40 degrees, humidity of 60-80%) will help you to immerse yourself in the world of refined pleasures. It is not just a steam bath, it is a complex of rehabilitation and recovery procedures: from scrubbing and herbal masks for the whole body to a relaxing massage and wiping with natural oils.  The Moroccan bath is very useful after a hard working day or after playing sports, as the body relaxes perfectly in such a soft and sparing microclimate. The sauna has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, cleanses the pores, removes toxins and wastes from around the body, regulates the respiratory system, controls pain, has antipyretic and anti-cold effect.


Temperature 35-40°C. Humidity 60-80%

  1. Take a shower
  2. Wipe dry
  3. The effect is enhanced by the peeling procedure
  4. Duration of the session is up to 30 min.
  5. Take a shower
  6. Relax and drink herbal tea.

Contraindications: fever, diabetes, epilepsy, malignant and benign tumors, bronchial asthma, pregnancy, infectious skin diseases, a tendency to bleeding and thrombosis, acute exacerbation of chronic diseases of any organs and body systems, pronounced arteriosclerosis of the vessels.