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Shower of impressions

Shower of impressions

The "Shower of impressions" will be very memorable for you. This new system will amaze your four senses - touch, sight, smell and hearing - thanks to a unique combination of water, light, smell and sound.

The shower booth is fitted up with special equipment, due to which you will feel the power of the Caribbean storm, Niagara rain and enveloping tenderness of the fog.

When choosing «Niagara Rain» the program alternately starts either a cold rain with an imitation of fog or a warm tropical and drizzling rain.

«Caribbean Storm» from the very first seconds will dip you into the refreshing coolness of a cold fog. The tropical rain will be added and then warm side sprayers will start their work.

«Fog» is a great way to cool down after a bath house or a sauna. Cold fog fills the shower booth, envelops from all sides, and aromas added to water increase fresh feeling.

All stages of the program are accompanied by different lighting and sounds (the sound of a waterfall, the singing of birds, and much more), which bring you into a placating or invigorating atmosphere.

The shower of impressions will be a good continuation of the training in the pool, give an unusual feeling of freshness after the sauna or a powerful charge of energy at the very beginning of the day. It is good to those who are engaged in mental and physical work.

The different force of the water flow effect perfectly massages many muscle groups, relieves spasms, and the alternation of power and temperature strengthens the immune system, soothes the nervous system and stimulates blood supply.